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Act for Circular Beauty by creating reusable packaging solutions

Echoing with societal concerns, the Cosmetic Industry is looking for solutions to build a more sustainable and responsible future. 
As a leader in beauty packaging manufacturing, we have signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment with the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation which aims at eliminating single-use plastics from the environment, innovate and circulate all plastic items we still need.

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling plastic are the three main pillars of the Circular Economy.

To reuse packaging, consumers must return them after use in order to be collected and cleaned by experts. Packaging can then be refilled or recharged and reused for the same application. 

At Albéa, we are working every day towards developing valuable packaging solutions to make our customer’s life easier. 
The Spiral bottle combined with our prestige XD11 spray pump is the ideal refillable packaging for fragrance, available in large and travel-size. Screw pumps empower us to make packaging last longer, enabling consumers and brands to easily refill hair, body and face lotion, foam and mist products. Let’s not forget make-up: refillable color cosmetic sticks and compact palettes such as Duo Stick or Little Big Palette allow brands to offer consumers with highly-personalized and equally eco-responsible offers. 

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