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Givenchy Rouge Interdit lipstick

Givenchy's choice: Albéa R2000 lipstick

After a successful collaboration on Rouge Interdit Vinyl, Givenchy has once again chosen Albéa for its 2017 Rouge Interdit lipstick. Highlighting the brand's iconic ribbon against a black backdrop, this packaging offers a particular emphasis on the Couture aspect of the product.


Givenchy has chosen Albéa's R2000 mechanism for its Rouge Interdit, a reference in unguided mechanisms.


Givenchy benefits from Albéa’s expertise in surface treatments and integrated decoration in order to produce an entirely black lipstick packaging that reflects the famous brand's look and expresses the audacious spirit of Rouge Interdit’s. Thanks to its integrated expertise in beauty packaging, Albéa produces the base, lid, mechanism and decoration for the lipstick:

  • The black ABS base is adorned with an imitation ribbon, creating a textile aspect into the sheath and pure black packaging. Givenchy’s brand name is engraved on the other side.
  • At the very edge of the base you can find the 4G logo engraved at the bottom of the black satin ribbon.        
  • The base is overlaid with hot stamping on both sides of the lipstick.
  • The lid is made from one single piece.

The lipstick is Made In France at Albéa Plouhinec, the group’s centre of excellence for lipsticks and in Albéa Simandre, the centre of excellence for decoration and finishing technologies.