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Seventyone x Albéa

PCR tube packaging for on-the-go surfers

Using 100% mineral filters, formulas are free from paraben, sulfate, silicone, and alcohol, protecting surfers’ skin while respecting the ocean. To protect this precious sunscreen formula, SeventyOne PerCent needed an easy-to-use – waterproof – and eco-designed packaging solution

Respectful of Nature’s strength and power, considering the environment while developing their cosmetic brand was an evidence. Teams at Albéa presented the brand with a choice of post-consumer recycled tubes made of 50% recycled plastic material. 


 « Surfing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. When we deal with the power and strength of nature’s elements, we have to believe in protection; not only protecting ourselves every day, but also protecting our playground: the planet Earth. »


With a lower carbon footprint, these sustainable tubes have been customized to match various nuances of sunset colors. PCR tubes can sometimes present print imperfections which were embraced by SeventyOne PerCent. The brand understood long ago that accepting your own limitations is part of the process to connecting with Nature and that Nature is perfect as it is.

Made In France PCR tube packaging

SeventyOne PerCent has selected Albéa’s patented PCR tube material for no less than 6 references. These sustainable sun care tubes are manufactured in Albéa Argonne (France) while the pump for the Dry Sun Oil and Eco Sun Spray is Made in Albéa Lodz (Poland). 

Since Albéa is a one-stop-shop, SeventyOne PerCent also selected a smart-format stick packaging from the Beauty Solutions packaging offer for their Very Water Resistant Sun Sticks. 

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Seventyone x Albéa tubes