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Sheet masks albea turnkey

Sheet Masks


Sheet Masks

Coming all the way from South Korea, sheet masks - or soaked masks – have conquered Western beauty consumers in very little time.

From Victoria Beckham to Karlie Kloss, all beauty addicts have adopted and instagrammed them!  #sheetmaskselfie.


What is a “sheet mask"?

These masks 2.0 take inspiration from traditional Korean beauty rituals where skincare is key and which are composed of a multitude of very precise gestures.  

Quick to apply and for single use, the “sheet mask“ is a piece of fabric which is positioned on the face, eyes, mouth and nose. Soaked with just the right dose of concentrated actives, this fabric sheet (cotton, lyocell, biocellulose or hydrogel) offers optimal formula efficiency and consumer experience. 

Easy and quick to apply, each “sheet mask“ targets specific skin problems and offers a variety of benefits: moisturizing, mattifying, anti-blemish, anti-aging, firming, purifying or whitening.  

Those masks can be of different textures such as “peel off” or foamy after a few minutes of use for a surprising and pleasant effect.  


How to use a “sheet mask"?

Mostly found in a sachet called, “sheet masks” perfectly fit the shape of the face for optimized results.

Application is simple.

First of all, remove the protection film and apply on the face, or the eyes, nose and mouth. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove the mask and gently pat the skin to entirely absorb remaining active ingredients.  

Skin is left hydrated and complexion is fresh, renewed and dewy.


Why do we love “sheet masks"?

Its ultra-thin format ultra makes it easy to carry around and to use anytime anywhere. The easy and quick application turns it into our best beauty ally, especially before a special event, to show flawless complexion or on a flight to maintain hydration.  


On your masks, steady, GO!

Korean beauty rituals

In terms of Beauty, Korean women bet on skincare and sun protection. A smooth porcelain-like complexion is a must. Therefore, Korean women follow a beauty routine which consists in applying several products in a very precise order: that is what we call layering.  It includes no less than 10 steps.


korean makeup and skincare
  • Double cleansing - We start with double cleansing: first in a superficial manner with oil and then deeper with a gel, a foam or cream cleanser.
  • Scrub - Scrub to get rid of dead cell impurities with an exfoliating product.
  • Toner - With a toner remove remaining dead cell impurities.
  • Essence / Emulsion / Lotion - This step complements the previous one. An emulsion is lighter than a serum or a cream and it works in harmony with the natural hydration system of the skin. In addition, it does not clog pores. This step can be completed with a “sheet mask.”
  • Serum - Serums are a concentrate of active ingredients. We use them to target specific skin problems.
  • Treatment - Use targeted skincare product in case of a specific problem you would like to address such as acne, wrinkles or radiance. 
  • Eye hydration - Hydrate the under-eye area and the lips as these areas are often dehydrated. This step will enable concealer and eyeshadows to last longer.
  • Face hydration - This is the last hydration step before applying BB cream and make up.
  • BB cream - All-in-one, this amazing product combines three actions in one application: it moisturizes skin, corrects and unifies complexion.
  • Sun protection - This is an essential step for Korean beauty consumers in order to enjoy a bright flawless skin.

Layering is so much more than applying several products. It stands for a number of precise and well-thought-out gestures, executed in a very precise order, almost like a protocol, with a targeted result: a smooth, bright timeless complexion.

The layering ritual consists in overlaying several skincare products on your face, in the morning and at night, following a defined order so as to get a bright and almost transparent complexion.  

In Japan, where layering takes its roots, this beauty ritual is considered an important facet of the Art de Vivre.

Not only does layering exist for skincare, it is also relevant for fragrance!

Originating from the Middle-East, the layering technique consists in combining several fragrances in order to create a unique made-to-measure olfactory composition.

However, the alliance of scents is not an easy exercise! You must start with the most profound fragrance and end with the lighter scent.