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Thin walls Albea tubes




SLIM Cap + THIN-WALL: the lightest tube on the market

It's hard to beat the lightness of this tube. Thanks to the combination of the SLIM Cap and THIN-WALL skirt, the tube’s total weight is reduced by 33%* compared to a standard capsule and skirt (plastic tube 500µm Ø50, 200ml with CebalCap™). This equates to 8.8 tons of plastic saved for ever one million SLIM Caps + THIN-WALLs produced.

Designed for compactness and style, the SLIM capsule is made of polypropylene (PP), making it one of the lightest on the market. More aesthetic than its standard counterparts, the SLIM capsule is an eye catcher on the shelf. Not to mention its flat head and edges are designed to prevent water from stagnating, making life easier for consumers.


A unique manufacturing process for the THIN-WALL skirt.

The manufacturing process for Albéa's patented THIN-WALL skirt, made of polyethylene (PE), reduces the weight of the material, thus cutting its thickness by 30%* (from 500µm to 350µm).  

A skirt equipped with THIN-WALL technology offers a softer feel, close to the medium density of a standard tube, and a restitution rate close to 96m%.*


A lightweight SLIM capsule combined with THIN-WALL for reduced environmental impact.

In terms of environmental footprint, the SLIM capsule and THIN-WALL technology help reduce carbon emissions by nearly 36%* compared to a standard capsule and skirt. *Albéa internal study, Life Cycle Analysis - 2018


The production of one million SLIM Caps + THIN-WALLs would prevent 36 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the air, the equivalent of 36 round-trip flights from Paris to New York for one person**.

SLIM Cap + THIN-WALL tubes are fully recyclable via existing PE/PP systems and contribute to the circular economy thanks to their possible reuse in PCR (post-consumer recycled, a second-life plastic).




Made in France

The SLIM Cap + THIN-WALL tube is produced in the Argonne plant in France, Albéa's center of excellence for tubes. The SLIM Cap + THIN-WALL is available in 50mm diameter with a suite of decorative options, from the mass color for the capsule and skirt to sophisticated designs.

SLIM Cap + THIN-WALL is industrializable and already ordered by a handful of players in the cosmetics industry.