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The Studio 360


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The Studio 360

Albéa has redefined the creative services offered by The Studio 360 in order to answer the needs of up and coming brands who want to launch their range of product fast.

albea studio design turnkey solutions

The Studio 360 analyzes, interprets, designs and customizes turnkey or made-to-measure packaging concepts : pouches, kits and ranges of cosmetic products based on your brand’s values and DNA.

The Studio 360:

  • focuses on all aspects of creativity: inspiration, trends, products and packaging design, graphic design, animations etc.
  • guides you through the development of your business strategy, marketing decisions and relevant choice of products using turnkey solutions for short time-to-market and made-to-measure ideas to customize your offer.

From the initial brief to the solution, The Studio 360 makes it a point to understand the roots of your brand to translate them into solutions in terms of product design and a range of visually impactful packaging.

360 Creativity

design trends analysis albea
Our philosophy

In a world that is fast-paced and constantly evolving, creativity needs to be more daring, authentic and spontaneous.

At The Studio 360, we build a bold creative universe to develop your projects and help you expand your brand.

We work on your issues, whether it is related to marketing, business or creativity : positioning, repositioning, range expansion, product design, launch strategy or formula innovation. We are ready to guide you through a wide range of challenges.

albea designs turnkey brand DNA
Our methodology

Learn, be inspired, understand and create. Our know-how is based on a solid methodology which enables us to nurture your brand’s DNA, to understand it, appreciate it and translate it into into innovative solutions, catchy designs and graphics. The way we observe consumer, society and creative trends allows us to guide our clients from the very upstream part of their project.

We analyze your creative brief in perspective with consumer demand on your specific market segment, then we take it through creative moodboards and we design your project with 3D tools and online technologies.

Our 360° customer approach integrates marketing tools in order to guarantee feasibility at industrial scale.  Based on market and consumer studies we offer innovative and differentiating solutions that we can manufacture at an industrial scale.  

Through the aspirational, forward-thinking and creative universe we build, we nurture brands with key insights. We help them grow as we work together on launching trendy and innovative ranges of products.

The team

The Studio 360 team – based out of the group’s headquarters in France – is composed of graphic designers, stylists, product designers and a creative director. Thanks to various and complementary skills, we offer you a complete relevant creative and forward-thinking approach.

Our teams take inspiration in trends from a variety of industries: fashion, beauty, food, sport, i-Tech or architecture, to be able to come up with unique creative ideas.

Our team is serving customers operating in beauty, fashion, luxury, hospitality and travel. 

studio design trend analysis albea