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Sulwhasoo SP22 Panache Pulse Albéa

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Sulwhasoo & SP22 Panache Pulse

K-Beauty brand Sulwhasoo selects Albéa’s SP22 Panache Pump for its delicate oil-water serum mist. 
Sulwhasoo was founded in 1966 with the ABC Ginseng Cream as star product. While developing its range of skincare and skincare-based make up, Sulwhasoo started exporting internationally in the 1980’s. 

As the first airy, gently enveloping spray on the market, SP22 Panache Pump by Albéa was a packaging of choice for Sulwhasoo’s facial care serum mist. SP22 Panache Pulse spray releases an extremely fine mist, enriching consumers' beauty routines with a new gesture. 
Especially relevant for care products, SP22 Panache Pulse reveals full qualities of Sulwhasoo’s precious formulas, based on Korean herbal medicinal ingredients. With SP22 Panache Pulse, Sulwhasoo aims at creating a pleasurable sensorial experience, to soothe and balance beauty of the body and mind. 


The bi-phase formula, mixing oil and essence water, makes the skin look healthy and radiant with concentrated moisture that is lightly absorbed onto the skin with fine spray technology. Thanks to Albéa’s SP22 Panache Pulse spray pump he product is finely deposited on the skin, creating a refreshing skin care moment anytime, anywhere.

In terms of design, Sulwhasoo makes it a point to keep it simple and authentic. Lines are generous to embody the holistic approach of the brand

“We believe that restrained beauty embodies true value within itself.”

SP22 Panache Pulse is manufactured in Albéa Le Tréport (France), our center of excellence for fragrance spray and samples.