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Timeless - PCR laminate tube range for the US market

Albéa is extending its portfolio of responsible packaging solutions with Timeless, a range of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) laminate tubes for cosmetic products, combining weight reduction and recycled plastic.


These new eco-design tubes are manufactured in Albéa’s Shelbyville plant using less material and incorporating around 30% recycled material in total. The sleeve itself is made of 60% recycled plastic reducing the carbon footprint by 17% in comparison to other recycled tubes.

“Timeless is a new milestone towards our objective of lowering the environmental impact of our tubes and contributing to a circular economy of plastics,” says Caroline Hughes, Marketing Manager Tubes. “This range is the perfect blend of eco-responsibility and performance: While consumers can notice and feel the particular texture of the PCR, the tubes are specially designed to meet all the requirements of the cosmetics industry.”

Thanks to its supple haptic, Timeless allows a high restitution rate of the formula avoiding waste. In addition, the high light barrier properties guarantee best protection of the formula while the superior moisture barrier makes it the perfect tube match for shower, shampoo and sun care formulas.

During the development of the new range, special attention was paid to the aesthetic requirements of the cosmetic market. Albéa’s 359° printing process creates a high-quality printable surface enabling a wide range of decoration options.