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Together, let’s act for circular beauty

Together, let’s act for circular beauty!

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Albéa hosted its first event, gathering key players of the beauty packaging ecosystem and beyond, around the topic of Circular Beauty. “We are determined to imagine tomorrow’s responsible and desirable cosmetic packaging” stated Gilles Swyngedauw, Vice-President of CSR, Innovation and Marketing. 

Held in Paris (France), this first rendez-vous featured Sarah Wingstrand, Research Analyst at the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation - with whom we signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment - and David Bayard, Technical Packaging Development Director in charge of L’Occitane, one of our prestigious international customers. They were joined by Chris Hanlon from Biffa, a British recycling company, Sophie Bonnier, Research & Development, eco-design and CSR director at Citéo as well as committed sailor and entrepreneur Romain Pilliard, with the Use It Again project. Presenting inspiring case studies, discussing initiatives, challenges, openly sharing opinions and solutions regarding the circular economy contributed to the success of this event. 

“Along with our business partners, it is our responsibility to act and invent a more circular world. Together, let’s reinvent ways in which we use plastic packaging. We must dare to break the codes. As a supplier, employer and citizen, I want to contribute to the creation of true circular beauty” commented François Luscan, CEO & President of the Albéa group. He concluded “We believe it is time to accelerate this transformation. We need concrete solutions to turn this new vision into reality, and it is only together that we will achieve this exciting challenge. Together, let’s move things forward and create a “do-tank” to see how we can contribute to a more circular world.” 


Future collaborative events will soon be organized, gathering key players of the circular economy to act together towards a more Circular Beauty industry.