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Towards a circular economy for packaging



Reusing discarded materials in creative ways

Now more than ever, it is time to reinvent ourselves and the way we conceive our products. 


On our path to create a circular economy for packaging, Promotional Activities team members are happy to explore new responsible material options to offer eco-conscious brands trendy options for their customized pouches, gift bags or travel kits. 
In our mission to protect Beauty, we also care about protecting the planet. Upcycling invites us to reuse discarded materials in creative ways, using less resources to make new, unique products, while reducing our footprint and improving our environmental impact.  



Flexible, pleasant look, soft touch, let’s collaborate and create unique gifts from innovative vegan fabric, washable paper, recycled or sustainably managed FSC-certified paper. 
At Albéa, we believe plastic has value and we are working on ways to turn post-consumer used plastic to become many things but waste. That is why we include recycled PET fabrics, which are made from recycled plastic bottles, in the material we use to create unique make up bags, mini-format beauty pouches and more. 


Together, let’s take new steps towards a more circular beauty industry!


Interested in upcycling ?

Contact our Promotional Activities team members to explore upcycling options for your brand and your consumers.