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Travel Designer Awards


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Travel Designer Awards

Albéa Travel Designer and its airlines partners are proud to receive not less than 5 awards from recognized travel industry professional organizations, rewarding long term collaborations to reinvent the passenger experience. One year after receiving the prestigious and highly coveted Supplier of the Year Awards from TravelPlus, the Albéa Travel Designer team headed (virtually) to this new season of Awards. OnBoard Hospitality, Pax International and TravelPlus created onlines spaces to successfully gathered suppliers and their partner airlines. 


These awards show a consistent commitment from Albéa Travel Designer to provide unique creations, high-level quality standards and strong supply chain to historical partners Air France. For over 15 years, Albéa Travel Designer has been fine-tuning its understanding of the airline brand’s DNA. This unique know-how serves Air France, which has entrusted Albéa Travel Designer with the design and production of several million kits per year for over a decade.

La Première

Air France La Première received two awards: Highly Commended Awards from OnBoard Hospitality, and Gold TravelPlus Awards. 

It is the first time a supplier is awarded this honour for six consecutive years! 

Business Class

Air France Business Class “You & Me” Kit wins the Gold TravelPlus Award.

Baby Kit

Air France Baby Kit receives the Gold TravelPlus Award for the 2nd time since the category was created. 

Middle East Airlines

Middle East Airlines receive the Best Business Class Amenity kit in the Middle East Pax International Awards.

Both Albéa Travel Designer and the airline are proud to receive this distinction, especially in this very competitive category. The award rewards a great collaboration between MEA and Travel Designer, as well as a modern, stylish design and a remarkable partnership with the truffle-based cosmetics by Skin & Co Roma.


Tomorrow starts today

The global travel industry faces unprecedented challenges. Relying on the agility of its international teams and business partners, Albéa Travel Designer keeps offering continuous service, adapting fast to this uncertain context.

This unique situation calls for extraordinary measures and support from all actors in our industry. We will face this challenge together and come out stronger.
Albéa Travel Designer keeps looking at the future of amenity kits and passenger experiences to make sure their journey will remain unforgettable. 

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