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albea mini nea lotion pump
Uncover Skincare brand selects Albéa Mini Néa

Uncover Skincare is a Dutch Skincare brand created by the Cosmetic Dermatology Clinical Research Physician Dr. Jetske Ultee. Offering skin diagnostic and beauty routine kits, the brand is focused on educating the consumer to take care of their skin.

Selected by the brand, the Néa technology platform (Atmospheric) is designed to protect today’s sensitive and fragile formulations.

This technology ensures perfect neutrality with respect to the  formula. With a glass ball inside the engine and a spring outside the dosage chamber, the formula never comes into contact with metal.

For even more protection, it is available with a self-sealing actuator to prevent the formula from drying out. The Néa pump operates smoothly and the high suction rate can dispense even the most viscous products such as sunscreen, exfoliants, and makeup.

mini lotion pump mini pack
Samples kit

Uncover Skincare chose for its samples kit, a Mini Néa collection to offer its consumers a beauty routine step by step. With refined white and pastel colors, the Mini Néa collection provides a cleanser, a toner, an exfoliant, a moisturizer and even sunscreen, all with the same harmonious packaging solution.

Mini Néa is the industry standard for neutral mini pumps in your travel size skincare products. This product is ideal for promotional offers, travel kits, and a range of premium products, targeted treatments or cures. It provides the perfect consumer appeal!

Albéa also manufactures several Uncover Skincare retail products. The brand chose to put the Néa engine inside the Albéa Airless pack Ø32mm, 50ml with actuator and protective insert for facial sun care, exfoliating and moisturizing products.