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Waterless beauty products

Essential to life, water is a precious resource we can learn to better protect with new waterless beauty routines. Did you know that the beauty products we usually use, from foundation, shower gel or face toner, contain from 70 to 95% water? 


Full of antioxidants and naturally self-preserving, water-free formulas present stable formulas which can be used for a longer period. Their higher concentration of active ingredients makes them more effective with a smaller amount of product. Waterless beauty products are lighter, reducing transportation cost and carbon footprint. Playful cosmetic brands offer consumers to combine different formulas, for at-home, DIY experiences, resulting in made-to-measure self-care rituals. 


At Albéa, we love easily customizable and easy-to-use Duo Stick packaging or the Powder Flow with its integrated reservoir and large brush for full face application. For waterless beauty products, options are unlimited, for packaging and more! 


Oil-based and anhydrous formulas have already been developed for a variety of personal care products such as toothpaste, deodorant, face masks, shower, shampoo or perfume, in solid format, as a paste, in loose or pressed powders color cosmetics.

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