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The WoW effect with LX pump

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The oil double-cleansing routine

As all true Beauty addicts know: sleeping with your make up on is a complete no-no! And with our busy, sometimes stressful and unfortunately polluted urban lives, our lovely faces are confronted with an endless number of internal and external sources of impurities.

That is why oil cleansing is revolutionary.

Coming straight from sophisticated Korean beauty routines, oil double-cleansing is a must when it comes to taking care of your skin. It is based on the fact that make up products dissolve in oil. This applies to all make up products, even waterproof, and yes even the most intensely glittery eyeshadow or highly-pigmented lip stain.

Unlike classic make up remover lotions, wipes, foams or micellar waters, oils have this capacity by essence. Oils have been used on hair, face and body for centuries.

There is more: while removing all dirt, oils are soft to the skin and respect its natural barriers. Oil double-cleansing is adapted to all skin types including the most sensitive ones. Skin feels nourished, smooth and fresh after this comforting skincare ritual.

Because we are happy to guide you through those new beauty gestures, we have selected the ideal packaging for your new oil-based cleanser.

The WoW effect with LX pump

Albéa’s LX pump makes application easy and comfortable as you will just need to press the high-dosage pump to use your precious oil. LX is lockable which means there is no chance of you ending up with a makeup bag filled with oil (that’s a relief)! It is safe to carry and offers longer lasting formula effectiveness (compared to a jar for example).

Use the LX pump to deliver just the right amount of oil. Heat it a little in your hand before applying all over your face, eyes included. This will melt your make up and all impurities. As a second step, wet your hands and keep on gently massaging your face. Take this opportunity to treat yourself with a short yet relaxing massage that will activate blood circulation and bring back your natural healthy glow. Mixed with water, oil turns into a milky lotion that just needs to be wiped or rinsed with warm water. Pat dry with a towel and voilà!

Last but not least, oil double-cleansing is economic for consumers and eco-friendly. Contrary to traditional face cleanser, a minimal amount of water if sufficient to wash away the product.