Pack lotion D.N.Airless Ø48 / Prodigio

D.N.Airless Ø48 / Prodigio Lotion pack

An airless complete pack in diameter 48 mm with a neutral engine.

Pack mousse EZ'R à presser

EZ'R Squeeze Foam pack

A squeeze foam pack

F2 foam pump albea

F2 Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

F3 foam pump albea

F3 Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

G3 foam pump albea

G3 Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

Pompe mousse Satiny

Satiny Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

Pompe mousse Fancy

Fancy Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

clean tube albea

Clean Tube Cap

This cap is comprised of a cut-off valve. It is designed for clean formula dispensing. The cut off valve facilitates control of the flow of your formula and prevents overflow. Made in the European...

dome tube albea plastic tube

Dome Tube

The dome shaped applicator is well adapted to the curves of the body.

Roll-on Ø35 Tube

The Roll-on Ø35 tube is equipped with a plastic ball applicator. The applicator has been designed to dispense the formula in a very thin layer onto the skin. The roll-on provides a soothing...

FDA GlamaSeal™ laminate tubes

The specific peel seal GlamaSeal for tubes is an excellent way to protect the formula and to show the users that the tubes are being used for the 1st time.

Sponge Top Tube

This tube feature a sponge applicator for convenient application and comfort of use.