T1 Foam Pump

T1 Foam pump

A tabletop foam pump

Pompe mousse WRT4

WRT4 Foam pump

A tabletop foam pump

WRT6 Foam pump

A tabletop foam pump

clean tube albea

Clean Tube Cap

This cap is comprised of a cut-off valve. It is designed for clean formula dispensing. The cut off valve facilitates control of the flow of your formula and prevents overflow. Made in the European...

Scrub Tube plastic tube

Applicator has a distinctive applicator for a massaging and scrubbing effect. Ideal for increasing effectiveness of exfoliating formulas as application can be targeted to desired area.

Wellness Tube plastic tube

This tube has an applicator with soft bristles for a massaging and exfoliating effect.

Big content Nozzle Plastic Tubes

A large content tubes with nozzle to reach areas of low accessibility, ideal for industrial and household application.

Classic shape flip top caps for tubes screw on

This convenient cap is ideal for all your projects of tubes. This screw flip-top cap allows to use a peel seal. The edges communicate a robust feeling and make the tubes very stable while standing...

Nozzle / Cannula Tubes

Nozzle tubes are a great answer the needs of precise formula distribution. Albea plastic tubes feature a large range of nozzle shapes to choose from to fit your product requirement. Available in...

Classic Range Screw Caps for tubes

Our range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These tubes are basics of the industry thanks to their versatility, utility and that they are suitable for practically any market. Different sleeve...

Vintage cap Albéa

Vintage cap for tubes

Super trendy vintage looking cap with ribbed contours that guarantee a very comfortable use.

Available in Fast-Track!

Screw caps for tubes classic shape

Essential Screw Caps

This is a range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These essential tubes have versatile utility and are suitable for practically all markets.