GLAM'TUBE bonnie

Glam'Tube: a new level of glamour, a new territory, a new makeup solution

Onyx Face Trio Palette

Express yourself with the perfect face routine
>One compact – one full face routine
On the go: one single pack to carry your entire face routine
Color harmony: the main color...

Onyx Two Way Cake

A modular two way cake compact with a simple and modern design.

>Simple and modern design:
Round shape, slim size
Perfect for cream or powder foundation
Easy opening,...

Artist Bubble

Tube with an innovative spherical sponge bubble applicator with an intuitive application gesture. The user uses this "dab" gesture for finger-free application.
Texture and size of the sponge...

CF6 Nozzle

Nozzle tubes are a great answer the needs of precise formula distribution. Albea plastic tubes feature a large range of nozzle shapes to choose from to fit your product requirement. Available in...

Bevel for plastic tubes

Bevel tubes have an oblique applicator that adapts to the contours of the face and lips. Available in Fast Track!

Vintage cap

Super trendy vintage looking cap with ribbed contours that guarantee a very comfortable use. Available in fast track!