Pack lotion Mini Néa

Mini Nea Lotion pack

A travel size airless or atmospheric complete pack in diameter 17 mm

Screw caps for tubes classic shape

Essential Screw Caps

This is a range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These essential tubes have versatile utility and are suitable for practically all markets.

Artist Soft bevel tube Albea

Artist Soft Bevel Tube

Soft elastomer bevel applicator on a tube.

Transparent material enhances visual experience by highlighting your formula.

The tube is easy to fill, has a large capacity scale and...

Brush applicator for small diameter tubes

Artist Brush Tube

This tube features a brush at the tip as an applicator. The soft bristles of the brush allow a smooth application of the formula.

artist_roll_on_tube albea

Artist Roll-On Tube Metallic & Plastic Ball

The application of your formulas will be very comfortable thanks to the roller ball of this tube. Available in plastic for great compatibility with the formulas or in metal version for a massaging...

mini_dome_tube albea

Mini Dome Tube

Small sized tube with a dome shaped applicator for local and precise application. The ribbed cap makes opening the tube hassle-free.

tube with applicator with 3 balls for small size application

Trio Tube

This small size tube with a 3-ball applicator is ideal for face care formulas and other formulas requiring a localized action. The 3 metal balls are organized in a triangular shape to evenly apply...

tube with airless neutral pump

Tube + Pump NEA

The formula protection of an airless pump and the convenience of a tube is possible! This 100% neutral Nea renowned for its soft actuation and ultra smooth dispensing.

Nozzle / Cannula Tubes

Nozzle tubes are a great answer the needs of precise formula distribution. Albea plastic tubes feature a large range of nozzle shapes to choose from to fit your product requirement. Available in...

tube with breakable heads for treatment, small dosages or samples

Twist-off head Tube Range

A complete range of tubes with breakable heads. Ideal for all kinds of cures and kits. The head can be twisted and broken off from the tube.

Post consumer recycled plastic tube Albéa

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) Plastic Tubes

Sustainable plastic tubes made with 50% recycled plastic and the same properties as standard tubes.

Available in mono layer and co-extruded version to adapt to your product needs.

Glam'tube mascara by Albéa

Mascara Glam'Tube

Applying mascara out of a tube is now possible thanks to the Glam'Tube packaging.

Our brushes selection provide different make-up effects: length, curling, volume and definition.


silicon applicator for tubes dispensing the bulk in ribbon shape

RibbonTip Tube

Ribbontip tubes are fitted with our innovative silicone applicator for precise formula application. The tip of the applicator has a slit shape to distribute a larger amount of formula while...

round bottle mascara

Round mascara bottles from 2 to 4ml

Selection of our mascara bottles from 2 to 4ml. Find the one that best fits your needs !


Round mascara bottles from 4 to 6ml

Selection of our mascara bottles from 4 to 6ml. Find the one that best fits your needs !


Round mascara bottles from 6 to 8ml

Selection of our mascara bottles from 6 to 8ml. Find the one that best fits your needs !


Special shapes mascara bottles

Here is our selection of all our special shapes mascara bottles. Find the one that best fits your needs !


Special shape eyeliner bottles

Here is the selection of our special shape eyeliner bottles. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!


Duo eyeliner bottles

Here is the selection of our duo eyeliner bottles. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!


Square eyebrow bottle

Here is the selection of our square eyebrow bottle. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!



TIO™ offers 2 positions which bring a REAL value The gap between our mini & maxi load is really significant, bringing a visible difference between the 2 make-up results.


Nano hollow - plastic mascara brush

Mini brush for a maxi volume makeup effect on the lashes!


Firenze - fiber mascara brush

Extremely volumized and long lashes with Firenze mascara brush


Milano - fiber mascara brush

Stunning mascara brush with a panoramic look providing extra length makeup result


Roma - fiber mascara brush

Roma is a small overtwisted Da Vinci brush that delivers extra volume and length makeup effect


Sleek - fiber mascara brush

A conventional mascara brush to strengthen the lashes and deliver extra length


Nebula - fiber mascara brush

A makeup effect length and volume breathtaking


Flora - fiber mascara brush

A traditionally shaped mascara brush that delivers both extra volume and length


Vivid - fiber mascara brush

A small, thin brush that delivers good volume and length


Parma - fiber mascara brush

Embrace your eyes with Parma mascara brush and bring length and volume makeup effect


Opal - fiber mascara brush

A diamond-shaped mascara brush that delivers excellent volume and length


Camelia - fiber mascara brush

Thin dual purpose mascara brush for excellent length and volume effect


Eclipse - fiber mascara brush

Ultra modern mascara brush zoning in on perfect makeup look


Prima - fiber mascara brush

A spiral mascara brush that grasps the lashes highly effectively to bring length and curl makeup effect


Luna - fiber mascara brush

Luna mascara brush makes a maximum length and seductive definition