clean tube albea

Clean Tube Cap

This cap is comprised of a cut-off valve. It is designed for clean formula dispensing. The cut off valve facilitates control of the flow of your formula and prevents overflow. Made in the European...

oval screw caps tubes albea

Oval Screw Caps with Plastic Tubes

These caps have a trendy, ergonomic, elegant oval shape and are available with plastic tubes.

The oval shape of the tubes takes up lesser space than the cylindrical tube which makes it...

Elliptical Tube with applicator with balls for body use

Ellips Triball Tube

Ellips Triball tube with an easy to hold wide shape provides a massaging and cooling effect. The tube facilitates formula efficiency and absorption.

brilliant metallic plastic laminate tubes

Reflexion laminate tube

Reflexion is our innovative laminate tube which combines a very protective Plastic Barrier with a very eye-catching metallic effect. Furthermore, the brand image remains unchanged thanks to the...

Ovation oval tube albea

Oval shape laminate tubes: Ovation

Ovation combines our laminate technology with an elegant elliptical shape. Ovation tubes provides +10% marketing surface for a great visual impact online and offline.

elliptical tubes with flip top caps

Oval Flip-Top Caps for Plastic Tubes

These sleek caps are the perfect fusion of an elegant oval shape with the convenience of a flip-top cap. The flat shape allows for a wider communication surface by 10% to convey your brands logo...