Pack lotion D.N.Airless Ø48 / Prodigio

D.N.Airless Ø48 / Prodigio Lotion pack

An airless complete pack in diameter 48 mm with a neutral engine.


F2 Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

F3 foam pump albea

F3 Foam pump

A handheld foam pump


G3 Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

Pompe mousse Satiny

Satiny Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

Pompe mousse Fancy

Fancy Foam pump

A handheld foam pump

Post consumer recycled plastic tube Albéa

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) Plastic Tubes

Sustainable plastic tubes made with 50% recycled plastic and the same properties as standard tubes.

Available in mono layer and co-extruded version to adapt to your product needs.

Eco designed Slim cap Albéa

Eco designed Slim Cap for plastic tubes

Designed to be flat and compact with sharp lines, the SLIM cap is amongst the lightest caps for plastic tubes on the market. With its eco-design look, the SLIM cap creates a distinct break from...

Fast-track screw cap by Albéa

Screw cap // FAST-TRACK

Our range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These tubes are basics of the industry thanks to their versatility, utility and that they are suitable for practically any market.



Fast-Track Access Denied by Albéa

Tamper evident cap: Access Denied // FAST-TRACK

Ultra light Access Denied cap comes with a tamper evident band. It has 50% reduction in material used compared to a standard flip-top cap, has a reduced carbon footprint thus is better for the...