24h_palette_rx3313 albea

24h Palette - RX3313

Create your perfect look with this trendy and sleek design palette, with nine or ten pans and one applicator area.
The applicator can also be provided by Albéa and delivered in the compact....

Z Two Way Cake

An elegant two way cake with soft edges for ergonomic handling Ref: CM-262

90° Compact

A complete look compact with a panoramic vision of both eyes. - 3 shades, 2 applicators, 1 teaching effect for a professional make up result! - 90°opening - Offers horizontal position of the...

Hey! Ho! Palettes

Hey palette! Ho palette! Your allies for a beautiful make over! Hey Palette!

Ref: DK-3180 - 5 or 7 pans + 1 applicator area

The applicator can also be provided by albéa and delivered...

Attraction Compact, Palette and Two Way Cake

A new automatic closing system with a fantastic magnet feeling! - Patented hinge design eliminates the metal pin - No latch design neither push button nor clip to give more option on decoration -...

My Little Case Compact

Simple and cute mini one piece compact for multi purpose

One piece compact with living hinge

Can be used: >for multiple make-up applications: eye shadow, lip colour, lip balm etc...

CM114 Palette

This simple and elegant square duo palette, perfect for eyes and lips make up, for pressed or poured formulas. Ref: CM-114

Perfect Puff loose powder jar

An easy-to-use powder dispenser

A specific and patented sifter that delivers the perfect dose

The powder goes through the applicator for a perfect and controlled application


Reveal Compact

A transparent cover and a large mirror finally together, with a new opening gesture!

A transparent cover to let the customer see the colour of the formula.

A sliding insert


alba compact onyx face trio packaging

Onyx Face Trio Palette

Express yourself with the perfect face routine! One compact = one full face routine.

  • On the go: one single pack to carry your entire face routine
  • Color harmony: the main color
  • ...
onyx small medium large compacts albea

Onyx Small, Medium & Large Compacts

Design your own jewels with this endlessly customizable round compact range. Very modern and sleek round design; Range made of three compacts - small (eye-shadow) - medium (blush) - large (face...

Onyx Two Way Cake

A modular two way cake compact with a simple and modern design. >Simple and modern design : Round shape, slim size Perfect for cream or powder foundation Easy opening Automated or manual...

quartz_family compact albéa

Quartz Small, Medium & Large Compacts

Design your own jewels with this endlessly customizable compact range. 

Very modern and sleek square design;

Range made of three compacts - small (eye-shadow) - medium (blush) -...

trilogy palette albea

Trilogy Palettes

A complete make-up workshop in one compact. In 3 steps 1. Contour 2. Mobile eyelid/Banana 3. Highlighter A playful applicator to achieve the perfect look! Ref: CM-076 / CM-185

Slanted square Compacts, Palettes & Two way cakes

A beautiful family of compacts and palettes embodying softness and determination with its slanted square edges. The family is made of: - Ref: CM-083 (compact) - Ref: CM-040 with the possibility to...

diamond compacts albea

Diamond Compacts

Jewels are a woman’s best friend! Diamond designed makeup line for face, lips or eyes applications
-Perfect for face, lips or eyes - pressed and poured formulas
-Customizable with any...


Eureka loose and pressed powder Jars

A simple gesture for pressed or loose powder.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Ergonomic applicators - Ideal for the patting gesture and achieve a professional makeup result - Clean and
  • ...
round bottle mascara albea

Infinity Large and Small Compacts

Essential basics for pressed and poured formulas. The infinity Large made of one or two pans (including one applicator area) for multiple uses (Foundation / Blush / Highlighting / Setting). The...

round bottle mascara albea

Pebble Compacts, Palettes & Two way cake

'Full range of elegant pebble like compacts, palettes and two way cakes, suitable for pressed and poured formulas. This family is made of: -Ref: DK-415 for foundation/setting -Ref: DK-417 :...

V-001 two way cake

A pebble like two way cake for face make up Ref: V-001

round bottle mascara albea

Star Struck Compacts, Palettes & Two way cake

'A complete family offering several combinaisons for pressed and poured formulas. It is composed of : - Ref: DK-3046 range for face, eyes and lips - from one to five pans and including one or two...

round bottle mascara albea

Sense and Simplicity Compacts, Palettes & Two way cake

A selection of our iconic round compacts. This family is made of: -Ref: DK-3004 : two way Cake - 2 pans (including 1 applicator area) -Ref: DK-3095: 1 to 3 pans (including 1 applicator area) -Ref...

round bottle mascara albea

Pop Circle Compacts, Palettes & Two way cake

Multiple effects and decorations possible with this complete line of compacts. - Ref: DK-3152: 1 to 2 pans (including 1 applicator area) - Ref: DK-3153: 1 to 4 pans (including 1 applicator area...

round bottle mascara albea

Round Essentials Compact & Two way cake

The pure essentials for a full face make up routine. -Ref: CM-105: 1 pan two way cake - Halal -Ref: CM-095: 1 pan

round bottle mascara albea

Flash Two Way Cakes

Two nice and elegant two way cakes for face make up Ref: V-062 / DK-039 (Halal)

round bottle mascara albea

Advanced Compacts & Two way cake

Simple and sober round shape line. Includes 3 references for pressed/poured formulas: - Ref: DK-3098: 1 pan - Ref: DK-3099 : 1 pan - Ref: DK-3100 : 1 pan - Ref: DK-3101 two way cake :1 pan

round bottle mascara albea

Soft Square Compact & Two way cake

A complete range of round and rectangular shapes. Includes 4 references for pressed/poured formulas: - DK3199 : 2 pans (including 1 applicator area) - DK3211 : 2 pans

The C-PodCompacts & Palettes

Multiple combinations with this family, ideal for pressed or poured formula: - Ref: DK-378-1 : 1 pan - Ref: DK-378-2 : 5 pans (including 1 applicator area) - Ref: DK-378-3 : 3 pans (including 1...

The Call me Compact

A business card shaped compact to get prepared for your most important rdv! - Ref: V-005 : 1 pan

round bottle mascara albea

Fascinating Palettes

Lets be attracted by these two square palettes, perfect for eyes & lips, for pressed or poured formulas. - Ref: L-068-1 : 5 pans inclunding one applicator area. - Ref: L-068S-1 : 3 pans...

round bottle mascara albea

Pretty Compact & Palettes

Simple and cute family of Palettes for pressed and poured formulas. Made of 5 references: -Ref: RX4182 : 1 pan - Ref: RX4192-1 : 5 pans (including one applicator area) - Ref: RX4192-2 : 5 pans (...

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Back to BasicsCompacts

Elegant shade evident essentials for a daily make-up routine. This family is perfect for pressed or poured formulas, for face or eyes make-up applications. All 3 compacts are with one pan. Ref: V-...

The Clear Mono Compact

The one, the only mono shade evident compact Ref: DK-3078

round bottle mascara albea

Face Must-Have Compacts

A range of very slim one pan compacts, the must-have for face make-up! These compacts may contain pressed or poured formulas for several make-up application fields : foundation, blush,...

round bottle mascara albea

Unique round Compact

Simple round face compact Ref: DK-3220

round bottle mascara albea

Fancy Face Compacts

'A fancy family, made of 3 compacts with a special shape cover. It is perfect for pressed and poured formulas, for face make-up application: Ref : CM-094 / CM-076 / CM-152