SP22 Lotion pack

SP22 pump

A spray pump

SP22 - SP32  Lotion pack

SP22/32 pump (with Turbo Insert® option)

A spray pump for the more viscous formulas

XD11 fragrance pump spray albea

XD11 Fragrance pump

A fragrance pump

Pompe parfum XD11 Panache

XD11 Panache Fragrance pump

A fragrance pump with a new dimension of spray

SP7 fragrance pump albea

SP7 Fragrance pump

A cost-effective fragrance pump

XM99 Fragrance pump

An all-in-one plastic fragrance pump

Minimist fragrance pump albea samplers

Minimist Fragrance pack

A cost-effective fragrance sampler 1ml

Sof'n'touch 1ML Fragrance Pack

Sof'n'Touch 1ml Fragrance pack

An eco-friendly fragrance sampler 1ml (with plastic bottle)

Sof'n'touch 2Ml/2,5Ml Fragrance Pack

Sof'n'Touch 2ml/2,5ml Fragrance pack

An eco-friendly fragrance sampler 2ml/2,5ml (with glass bottle)

sofilux_15ml albea

Sofilux Fragrance pack

A fragrance sampler 1,5ml/2ml

sofix fragrance pump albea

Sofix, Sofix+ Fragrance pack

A fragrance sampler 1,2ml/1,5ml/2ml

Sofilux Travel Size Fragrance Pack

Sofilux Travel Size Fragrance pack

A travel size fragrance pack

Pompe parfum SP5K Screw-On

SP5K Screw-On Fragrance pump

A mini screw-on fragrance pump

Pompe parfum SP5K TCS

SP5K TCS Fragrance pump

A mini TCS fragrance pump

Screw caps for tubes classic shape

Essential Screw Caps

This is a range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These essential tubes have versatile utility and are suitable for practically all markets.

Tube with integrated applicator in bevel shape

Bevel for plastic tubes

Bevel tubes have an oblique applicator that adapts to the contours of the face and lips. Available in Fast Track!

Nozzle / Cannula Tubes

Nozzle tubes are a great answer the needs of precise formula distribution. Albea plastic tubes feature a large range of nozzle shapes to choose from to fit your product requirement. Available in...

tube with breakable heads for treatment, small dosages or samples

Twist-off head Tube Range

A complete range of tubes with breakable heads. Ideal for all kinds of cures and kits. The head can be twisted and broken off from the tube.

Classic Range Screw Caps for tubes

Our range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These tubes are basics of the industry thanks to their versatility, utility and that they are suitable for practically any market. Different sleeve...

Every Kiss

A full size offer "made in France" to protect your volatile formulas!
A new standard airtight pack with a 50/50 round design for mass, masstige and prestige markets.
Our made in France...

Onyx Face Trio Palette

Express yourself with the perfect face routine
>One compact – one full face routine
On the go: one single pack to carry your entire face routine
Color harmony: the main color...

Onyx Two Way Cake

A modular two way cake compact with a simple and modern design.

>Simple and modern design:
Round shape, slim size
Perfect for cream or powder foundation
Easy opening,...

SLPP fragrance pump albea

SLPP Fragrance pump

A robust & compact fragrance pump

LPP fragrance pump albea

LPP Fragrance pump

A high profile fragrance pump