Sofistic's Pack

Sofistic's pack

An on the go spray or lotion complete pack

XM99 Fragrance pump

An all-in-one plastic fragrance pump

Sofilux Travel Size Fragrance Pack

Sofilux Travel Size Fragrance pack

A travel size fragrance pack

Pompe mousse M3

M3 Foam pump

A travel size foam pump

WRM3 Foam pump

A travel size foam pump

WRD4 Foam pump

A travel size foam pump

mini satiny foam pump

Mini Satiny Foam pump

A travel size foam pump

dome tube albea plastic tube

Dome Tube

The dome shaped applicator is well adapted to the curves of the body.

mini_dome_tube albea

Mini Dome Tube

Small sized tube with a dome shaped applicator for local and precise application. The ribbed cap makes opening the tube hassle-free.

Roll-on Ø35 Tube

The Roll-on Ø35 tube is equipped with a plastic ball applicator. The applicator has been designed to dispense the formula in a very thin layer onto the skin. The roll-on provides a soothing...

Ovation oval tube albea

Oval shape laminate tubes: Ovation

Ovation combines our laminate technology with an elegant elliptical shape. Ovation tubes provides +10% marketing surface for a great visual impact online and offline.

DC7 Twist-off head Tube

A breakable head for medium size diameter tubes. Ideal to show tamper evidence and good protection of the formula. The cap is used as the tool to break the head.