Pack lotion Mini Néa

Mini Nea Lotion pack

A travel size airless or atmospheric complete pack in diameter 17 mm

Sofistic's Pack

Sofistic's pack

An on the go spray or lotion complete pack

nea lotion pump albea

Nea Lotion pump

A neutral lotion pump

SP22 Lotion pack

SP22 pump

A spray pump

SP22 - SP32  Lotion pack

SP22/32 pump (with Turbo Insert® option)

A spray pump for the more viscous formulas

Pompe spray SP22 Panache Pulse

SP22 Panache Pulse pump

A spray pump for a perfect mist.

LX Lotion pump

A high-dosage lotion pump.

XD11 fragrance pump spray albea

XD11 Fragrance pump

A fragrance pump

Pompe parfum XD11 Panache

XD11 Panache Fragrance pump

A fragrance pump with a new dimension of spray

LPP fragrance pump albea

LPP Fragrance pump

A high profile fragrance pump

SLPP fragrance pump albea

SLPP Fragrance pump

A robust & compact fragrance pump