Sofistic's Pack

Sofistic's pack

An on the go spray or lotion complete pack

nea lotion pump albea

Nea Lotion pump

A neutral lotion pump

SP22 Lotion pack

SP22 pump

A spray pump

SP22 - SP32  Lotion pack

SP22/32 pump (with Turbo Insert® option)

A spray pump for the more viscous formulas

Pompe spray SP22 Panache Pulse

SP22 Panache Pulse pump

A spray pump for a perfect mist.

LX Lotion pump

A high-dosage lotion pump.

XD11 fragrance pump spray albea

XD11 Fragrance pump

A fragrance pump

Pompe parfum XD11 Panache

XD11 Panache Fragrance pump

A fragrance pump with a new dimension of spray

LPP fragrance pump albea

LPP Fragrance pump

A high profile fragrance pump

SLPP fragrance pump albea

SLPP Fragrance pump

A robust & compact fragrance pump

SP7 fragrance pump albea

SP7 Fragrance pump

A cost-effective fragrance pump