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Screw Heads

Screw caps for tubes classic shape

Essential Screw Caps

This is a range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These essential tubes have versatile utility and are suitable for practically all markets.

Classic Range Screw Caps for tubes

Our range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These tubes are basics of the industry thanks to their versatility, utility and that they are suitable for practically any market. Different sleeve...

tubes with solid formula container in the cap

Balm Cap plastic tube

The 2-in-1 cap features a standard screw head to dispense the main formula of the tube in a traditional way. It also presented a compartment where solid formulas can be poured in for a 2nd step of...

Flower Pot cap for laminate tubes

This widely known cap is ideal for trendy vintage look and it is a classic for oral care market. It is also known as FEZ cap for its resemblance to the famous hats!

Vintage cap Fast-Track Albéa

Vintage Cap // FAST-TRACK

Super trendy vintage looking cap with ribbed contours that guarantee a very comfortable use.


What is Fast-Track?

The new fast and agile solution by Albéa tubes.

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