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Our products

What products do you offer?

We manufacture the products you use every day: tubes, lipsticks, mascaras, pumps, applicators and much more. We also offer amenity kits for airlines, sets and travel items. We operate in the growing, strong-potential markets of makeup, health and beauty, oral care, pharmacy, airlines and more. We serve prestigious cosmetics brands, beauty start-ups and local and regional brands worldwide.


Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured on our 31 sites in 13 countries. To discover our production sites, visit the Sites page of our website.
Our makeup and skincare accessories, our amenity kits and sets, and our leather and sports items are manufactured by our partner suppliers, primarily in Asia.
For all of our products, we ensure high-quality manufacturing, operational performance, high-level logistics monitoring and management of complex projects.

How do you continue to manufacture innovative products?

Innovation is at the heart of Albéa and can be seen in 3 areas:

  • product innovation: we manufacture or purchase innovative products that offer better ergonomics, visual differentiation, new gestures, affordable prices and a fashionable design
  • process innovation: we develop innovative technologies and new processes to set our packaging apart and make it effective, more competitive and more environmentally friendly
  • innovation in terms of development: we create the packaging designed by our customers, rising to technical challenges and ensuring design at the right cost.


Can I customise my product?

Albéa offers a variety of decoration options, from hot stamping and screen printing to digital printing.


Can you be found in shops?

We are a B2B company targeting business customers: we manufacture packaging for prestigious and dynamic, historical and independent, large and small, international and local beauty brands. We do not therefore have any shops or own brands.


Do you have an e-commerce site?

We do not currently have an e-commerce site, but you can send us your request via the Contact page of our website.


Are samples available?

You can get samples by requesting them via the Contact page of our website, or directly from a Product page by clicking on the REQUEST SAMPLE button.


How do I request a quotation/place an order?

To place an order, just click on the REQUEST A QUOTE button on the product sheet or submit your request via the Contact page of our website.


What are the minimum quantities for an order?

For most of our products, our minimum order is generally 10,000 units. For certain items, particularly in our Fast-Track Beauty catalogue, smaller quantities can be ordered. This range of packaging (tubes, pumps, makeup, etc.) and turnkey solutions (pack + formula + applicator, etc.) is defined by short lead times and smaller order quantities. To find out the minimum orders for a given product, please contact us via the Contact page of our website.


Can I order single units?

At present, we do not sell single units but we are working on this option. You can let us know what you need via the Contact page of our website.


What are your lead times?

Our lead times vary depending on the quantity ordered, but outside of development periods, lead times are two weeks minimum depending on the complexity of the product and the production capacity reserved.


Do you manufacture products for Pharmacy and Food?

For over 50 years, we have manufactured tubes and distribution systems for the Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals sector, and we have recently expanded into the Food sector. We guarantee the integrity, the quality and the safety of our products thanks to traceability systems and strict control procedures that meet the demands of these markets. Our sites are ISO 9001 certified and we also have sites that have ISO 15378, DIN EN 15593 and BRC Food certification.


How can I be sure that your products comply with current legislation?

The Albéa Regulatory Affairs department issues Regulatory Certificates of Conformity for each packaging product upon request from our customers. Each material is verified with the supplier upstream for its compliance with the relevant regulations for use of packaging.


Are your products protected by patents?

Of course! Thanks to the patents that cover our inventions and our innovations, we are able to offer unique solutions, available exclusively from Albéa. With a portfolio of more than 1,500 patents, the Group is one of the top 50 companies for filing the most patents in France according to the INPI (French National Industrial Property Institute).


Are your products recyclable?

For 15 years, we have been committed to improving the environmental, social and economic footprint of our activities around the world. In particular, we want to make an active contribution to implementation of a high-performance circular economy in the health and beauty sector.
Some of our products are manufactured from bio-sourced PE, others incorporate Post-Consumer-Recycled plastic, yet others are eco-designed to reduce the quantity of material required for their manufacture. And more generally, our teams work to come up with reusable, recyclable, lighter packaging, or packaging that incorporates recycled plastic.

Find our main eco-designed products in the dedicated pages of our catalogue.


Do your products contain animal materials or alcohol?

Albéa has a range of certified animal-free, alcohol-free materials. This product range is therefore suitable for the halal or vegan markets. Our Indonesian sites have received Halal HAS 23 000 certification.


Are your products tested on animals?

Albéa conducts a very strict evaluation of product safety and quality. Our packaging is not tested on animals. Albéa is heavily involved in Professional Associations and in particular promoted the European Cosmetics Packaging Task Force determining the relevant information necessary for evaluating cosmetics packaging.


Do your products have organic certification?

We regularly have our products certified by official bodies. Some of our products therefore have Cosmos certification. The COSMOS standard applies to cosmetic products sold as organic or natural.

I want to create my own cosmetics brand

How can you help a young company to build its cosmetic brand?

First of all, congratulations! Whether you are a makeup artist, entrepreneur, blogger or enthusiast, creating your own brand is an exciting adventure! First of all, we help you to select the most appropriate packaging for your marketing concept. We recommend choosing packaging from our wide range of ready-to-use cosmetics packaging – please refer to our www catalogue. Whatever your style and positioning, our products adapt to your concept.

Secondly, we help you to match your product with the formula. We help you to choose the best formula for your brand from our library of pretested, validated formulas that are compliant with the most demanding regulations. You have a choice of hundreds of possible combinations of textures and colours.

We can also support you with creation and design through our Studio 360°. Our Studio 360° is made up of designers and stylists that offer you an overview of fashion, lifestyle and beauty trends and monitor the regulatory, intellectual property, project management and logistics aspects.


Are you a formula supplier?

Albéa, as well as offering packaging, can offer formulas. We do not create formulas ourselves, but rather we rely on a global network of reliable and audited suppliers to offer brand-new, high-quality formulas.


How are your formulas tested?

The compatibility of the formulas with our packaging is tested by our teams. The formula-pack stability is therefore already confirmed, which saves time at the development stage.


How do you select your suppliers?

Suppliers play a key role in Albéa's success. We work with a base of selected, audited suppliers who are socially and environmentally responsible, and who guarantee us a continuous, global supply of materials and services, under competitive conditions, in order to meet the expectations of our customers.


How can I become one of your suppliers?

Do you want to become an Albéa supplier? Visit the Suppliers page of our website.


Who is behind Albéa?

We are a French group bringing together small companies (Cebal, Techpack, Tex, Covit, etc.) and large industrial groups (Pechiney, Alcan, Rexam, etc.).

The name Albéa is a combination of Alcan and Beauty.


In which countries do you operate?

We operate in 13 countries. To find out more, please consult the map of our 31 sites worldwide on the www page.


Are you a listed company?

Albéa is not listed on the Stock Exchange. Since 2018, our shareholder is PAI Partners, a European investment fund whose trademark is the organic and external growth of its shares.

How can I stay up to date with Albéa news?

Do you want to receive news on packaging, trends and our new products? Sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.


How can I join Albéa?

Are you interested in the beauty sector or the cosmetics industry? Are you ready to discover the real story behind packaging? To rise to the challenge and gain unique experience?

The professions of Project Manager, Quality Engineer, Production Manager, Salesperson, Development Engineer and many more await!

Join our Talent network by applying via our Careers page.


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