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Packaging & Solutions

We make the packaging and solutions you use every day – from tubes, lipsticks, mascaras and pumps to applicators, packs with formula, travel kits and much more.

Plastic, laminate and Purefoil tubes
Mascaras & Brows
All about mascara brushes, lipgloss, eyeliners, brow and nail applicators
Compacts & Palettes
Powder packaging, compacts and makeup palettes
Lipsticks & Sticks
Lipstick tubes to lip balm to other stick-style applicators and lipstick mechanisms
Foam Pumps
Propellant-free handeld, tabletop foamers, wall dispensers and bottles
Lotion Pumps
Airless and atmospheric pumps, hybrid pumps and minis
Fragrance Pumps & Caps
Fragrance pumps and caps, samplers and mini-products
Cosmetic accessories
Makeup brushes, sponges, false eyelashes, masks, and temporary tattoos
Cosmetic Turnkey Solutions
Packaging, makeup formulators, applicators and accessories…
Skin Care Caps, Jars & Bottles
Skincare caps, plastic jars & bottles
Gifts, Kits & Retail
Promotional gifts, gift sets, leather travel items, vanity cases and beauty pouches