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Albéa - Suppliers

Albéa and its suppliers… sustainable, quality relationships

Suppliers play a key role at Albéa. We construct and develop solid and lasting relationships with our suppliers around the world. Our Purchasing teams work closely with our network of suppliers who are audited and qualified according to high standards.

A high level of technical, economic, environmental and social performance is expected of our suppliers in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

The criteria to be a supplier

Our suppliers are regularly evaluated based on key performance indicators and monitoring of targets and action plans.

The criteria are as follows:
•    Constant product and/or service quality
•    Full delivery, without errors and on time
•    Commercial competitiveness
•    Efficient, zero-defect logistics
•    Ability to innovate with materials, products, technology and processes
•    Durability of the products and the company
•    Social and environmental responsibility


Our purchasing policy

At the heart of our strategy is the continuous improvement of our policies and practices relating to sustainable development throughout our supply chain.
"We want all of our suppliers and partners to ensure the well-being of their employees, to contribute responsibly to our environmental footprint and to help us create value for the whole ecosystem" Gilles Swyngedauw, Marketing, Innovation & Sustainability VP, Albéa and Julio Zimbron, CPO, Albéa

We form partnerships with the suppliers with the best CSR performance in order to find solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and products.

Our Purchasing teams

Managed centrally, deployed regionally, our Purchasing department is made up of global Purchasing managers who cover our main expenditure categories: Raw Materials, Transport, Packaging, Investment expenses, MRO etc. Our buyers work closely with the in-house teams and rely on a network of local buyers, who are present on most of our sites, and on regional experts.

How do I become an Albéa supplier?

In order to manage our global community of suppliers effectively, Albéa has set up the PER ANGUSTA purchasing management system, which is used to gather and monitor detailed and up-to-date information on our suppliers.

Do you want to become an Albéa supplier? Fill in the contact form.


Albéa Sustainable Procurement Charter

We have developed a Sustainable Procurement Charter in order to better reflect our commitment to sustainable development in all areas of procurement – be it raw materials, energy, other goods or services, and involve our suppliers by our side in a continuous progress. The document outlines our commitment to our suppliers in terms of our own conduct and practices. In return we would request that you, as an Albéa supplier, take all necessary steps to ensure that your practices are compatible with the content and spirit of our Charter.

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