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Albéa offers packaging in large or mini formats, from 2ml to 500ml for all daily uses.
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  • (Re)flex tube The (Re)flex Tube is a PBL tube with a metallic finish, without any aluminium film in the sleeve. The absence of aluminium facilitates the treatment of the tube in existing plastic recycling...
  • Beautiful PCR tube BEAUTIFUL, perfect balance of aesthetics and sustainability.
  • Designed to Blossom tube - Ø50mm Designed to Blossom is a specific tube offer available from 5,000 units. Ideal for small brands, indies, customers that looking for small...
  • Greenleaf tube Albéa Greenleaf tube has passed successfully the two tests set by the US-based Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) to assess recycling-readiness. The APR...
  • Max PCR tube Max for maximized amount of PCR.
  • Metamorphosis Paper tube Metamorphosis, the first carton-based cosmetic tube, where plastic is for the most part replaced with a bio-based and certified paper-like material.
  • PCR-Encore tube ENCORE, basic tube containing 28% of PCR.
  • TIMELESS PCR LAMINATE TUBE Timeless, the latest addition to the PCR collection of sustainable packaging. Made with 60% recycled plastic in the sleeve. The high content of PCR allows for a...
  • Ultimate PCR tube ULTIMATE, composed of PCR and bio-based plastic.