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Albéa offers packaging in large or mini formats, from 2ml to 500ml for all daily uses.
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  • Artist Bubble Tube Tube with an innovative spherical sponge bubble applicator with an intuitive application gesture. The user uses this "dab" gesture for finger-free application.  Texture and size of the...
  • Artist Soft Bevel Tube Soft elastomer bevel applicator on a tube. Transparent material enhances visual experience by highlighting your formula. The tube is easy to fill, has a large capacity scale and...
  • Beautiful PCR tube BEAUTIFUL, perfect balance of aesthetics and sustainability.
  • CD1 twist-off tube CD1 nozzle tube is recommended for single dose treatment for skin repair or facial vitamin-boosting treatment. Mono-dose tubes for facial treatments.  Tamper evidence solution to...
  • CF6 nozzle tube Nozzle tubes are a great answer the needs of precise formula distribution. CF6 tube and its narrow nozzle offers precise delivery of formula to a target location and professional results.  
  • Cleopatra A new way to bring out your eyes - A standard eyeliner bottle with an elegant shape and a large range of applicators In line with market trends Sleek and trendy design Thanks to...
  • Intensify A thin brush for shaping brows precisely​ Design & gesture​ Fiber mix creates fuller brows​ ...
  • Max PCR tube Max for maximized amount of PCR.
  • PCR-Encore tube ENCORE, basic tube containing 28% of PCR.
  • Spongy Applicator Spongy applicator: Multi-funcional, versatile, soft & precise ​ Albéa Tips Studio: innovation​ ...
  • Ultimate PCR tube ULTIMATE, composed of PCR and bio-based plastic.