Compacts & Palettes

Round or square shapes, for loose or pressed powders, Albéa is an expert in makeup packs and palettes.
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Compacts & Palettes (33)
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  • 2-Step Compact Concealer A compact associated with a double-ended applicator perfectly adapted for dark circle area 
  • 24h Palette - RX3313 Create your perfect look with this trendy and sleek design palette, with nine or ten pans and one applicator area. The applicator can also be provided by Albéa and delivered in the compact....
  • 90° Compact A complete look compact with a panoramic vision of both eyes. - 3 shades, 2 applicators, 1 teaching effect for a professional make up result! - 90°opening - Offers horizontal position of the...
  • Back to Basics Compacts Elegant shade evident essentials for a daily make-up routine. This family is perfect for pressed or poured formulas, for face or eyes make-up applications. All 3 compacts are with one pan. Ref: V-...
  • Diamond Compacts Jewels are a woman’s best friend! Diamond designed makeup line for face, lips or eyes applications -Perfect for face, lips or eyes - pressed and poured formulas -Customizable with any...
  • Divine Compacts and Palette A range of 3 elegant rectangular compacts, 2 of which have a small window for shade evidence - Ref: V-017-1: 4 pans - Ref: V-049: 2 pans - Ref: V-051-1: 2 pans
  • Eureka loose and pressed powder Jars A simple gesture for pressed or loose powder. Eye-catching design Ergonomic applicators - Ideal for the patting gesture and achieve a professional makeup result - Clean and...
  • Face Must-Have Compacts A range of very slim one pan compacts, the must-have for face make-up! These compacts may contain pressed or poured formulas for several make-up application fields : foundation, blush,...
  • Fancy Face Compacts 'A fancy family, made of 3 compacts with a special shape cover. It is perfect for pressed and poured formulas, for face make-up application: Ref : CM-094 / CM-076 / CM-152
  • Fascinating Palettes Lets be attracted by these two square palettes, perfect for eyes & lips, for pressed or poured formulas. - Ref: L-068-1 : 5 pans inclunding one applicator area. - Ref: L-068S-1 : 3 pans...
  • Flash Two Way Cakes Two nice and elegant two way cakes for face make up Ref: V-062 / DK-039 (Halal)
  • Hey! Ho! Palettes Hey palette! Ho palette! Your allies for a beautiful make over! Hey Palette! Ref: DK-3180 - 5 or 7 pans + 1 applicator area The applicator can also be provided by albéa and delivered...
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