Albéa manufactures plastic and laminate tubes, eco-friendly, with applicators: nozzles, flip-top caps, pumps for make-up, skin care and personal care as well as oral care and pharma.
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  • (Re)flex tube The (Re)flex Tube is an aluminum-free, plastic barrier laminate (PBL), tube that has a premium design with a metallic finish. This recyclable-ready* tube is perfect for personal care markets...
  • 1/4 turn Cap for tubes This cap features a 1/4 turn gesture for the opening. The cap will stay on the tube while the formula flows through the central orifice. The tube can stand alone on the cap. After using the...
  • Airbackless Tube This tube is fitted with an airbackless insert which prevents air from re-entering the tube.
  • Artist Brush Tube This tube features a brush at the tip as an applicator. The soft bristles of the brush allow a smooth application of the formula.
  • Artist Bubble Tube Tube with an innovative spherical sponge bubble applicator with an intuitive application gesture. The user uses this "dab" gesture for finger-free application.  Texture and size of the...
  • Artist Roll-On Tube Metallic & Plastic Ball The application of your formulas will be very comfortable thanks to the roller ball of this tube. Available in plastic for great compatibility with the formulas or in metal version for a massaging...
  • Artist Soft Bevel Tube Soft elastomer bevel applicator on a tube. Transparent material enhances visual experience by highlighting your formula. The tube is easy to fill, has a large capacity scale and...
  • Balm Cap plastic tube The 2-in-1 cap features a standard screw head to dispense the main formula of the tube in a traditional way. It also presented a compartment where solid formulas can be poured in for a 2nd step of...
  • Basic Cap for tubes The Basic Cap for tubes is a medium weighted flip-top cap. It is easy to use and carry around. The closure is smooth and reassuring to all users.
  • Beautiful PCR tube A perfect balance of aesthetics and sustainability with Post Consumer Recycled and virgin PE. Best for: Beauty and Personal care Available in...
  • Bevel for plastic tubes Bevel tubes have an oblique applicator that adapts to the contours of the face and lips. Available in Fast Track!
  • Bio-based PE plastic tube Bio-based PE plastic tube produced from ethanol sugarcane. Carbon footprint reduced by 78% compare to a classic tube. Available in North America only
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