Recycled plastics or cardboard, Albéa offers a wide choice of packaging made of recycled materials from recycling streams.
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  • (Re)flex tube The (Re)flex Tube is a PBL tube with a metallic finish, without any aluminium film in the sleeve. The absence of aluminium facilitates the treatment of the tube in existing plastic recycling...
  • DK-5220 Cream jar available in PP Cylindrical jar A timeless shape with a matt finish Ecofriendly: recyclable PP material Made in Zhongshan
  • DK-5384 Full PP round jar with a glossy finish. ​ On-the-go format.  ​ Made in Shanghai.   Recyclable-ready. 
  • Metamorphosis Paper tube Metamorphosis, the first carton-based cosmetic tube, where plastic is for the most part replaced with a bio-based and certified paper-like material.
  • Octo Tottle RX7805B​ - Tottle with octogonal cap​ Formula protection & compatibility: ​ Ideal for sensitive formulas with its PE bottle available in single and multilayer (PE, EVOH)​ ...
  • Paper Palettes No magnet, 100% cardboard, highly customizable The Box: a shoe box construction allowing closure by friction The Hide...
  • PE Basic Cap A 100% PE flip-top snap-on closure which can be combined with both plastic and laminate tubes.
  • PE FULL DIAMETER CAP Improve the recyclability of your oral care packaging thanks to 100% PE cap.
  • PE SLIM Cap Reduce your environmental footprint with an eco-designed capsule made with a minimum of plastic. Optimizing the recyclability of your pack thanks to a packaging entirely made in PE and so...
  • PP Slight Cap Discover the...
  • PT-6031 Full PP medium round jar.  Ecofriendly: recyclable  PP material.   Made in Indonesia. Recommended for eye and face creams.
  • PT-6033 Full PP small jar Medium round jar Ecofriendly: recyclable PP material.   Made in Indonesia. Widely recyclable material and higher chemical resistance, suitable for almost...