Designed to Blossom offer - Ø19mm tube

dia_19_m15-la_design_to_blossom nozze open
dia_19_m15-la_design_to_blossom cap
dia_19_m15-la_design_to_blossom_peal seal

Designed to Blossom is a specific tube offer available from 5,000 units. Ideal for small indie brands, or customers looking for small quantities.

Great for limited collections and special editions.

Available in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico) 



Designed to Blossom offer

Designed to Blossom is a range of cosmetic tube packaging which offers a variety of sizes: sleeve colors and materials as well as a choice of dropper or airless pump, flip top or screw cap and e-commerce friendly tamper evident options.

Small quantities beginning at 5,000 units.

Available in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico).


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