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PCR Packs Collection


A selection of Makeup packaging with PCR content to lower the impact of virgin plastic material

Onyx L : Our best-seller large mono compact now available in PET with 30% PCR content. 
Bloom lipstick : A 30% r-PET cap & base composition for this modern 12.7mm non-guided lipstick.
Cheeky lipstick : A 30% r-PET cap & base composition for 11.8mm guided lipstick, dedicated to softer formulas.

1) Eco-Glam Tube
: A revamp of our dip-in tube now available with 36% r-PE in the sleeve and a 80% r-PP in the cap. A lightweight pack with recycled content, how amazing!
2) Brow Lifters : good example of our capabilities in making 100% r-PET on this tiny eyebrow pack. 
3) Perfect Mix Mascara : 75% PCR available in the total pack of this new mascara (100% PCR for cap & bottle, virgin PBT stem & PE wiper)