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PCR Packs Collection


A selection of Skincare packaging with PCR content to lower the impact of virgin plastic material

PCR jars : A selection of PP jars with PCR integration to lower the impact of virgin plastic material. Available in various designs, from 12,5ml to 30ml, our PP jars contains 50% r-PP in the cap & base.
Draming jar : Our first jar with chemical recycled copolyester. Chemical PCR allows to achieve same aesthetics as virgin material. This jar is so clearly transparent!
Dropper : Our 30ml rubber dropper made with PCR content. r-PP in the cap ; r-PET in the bottle. Squeezable and master key!
Chic bottle : PET bottle matched screw pump, available to be reused and recycled. Recyclable without the pump / recyclable bottle. Available in r-PET.