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We serve prestigious and dynamic brands, whether they are legacy or indie, big or small, international or local.

For those looking to build their brand’s future or launch their own beauty company. For those in need of trendy packaging or turnkey solutions. For those who value innovation, social responsibility, local presence and global reach. For all of you, we want to partner and help you grow, because we understand the stakes.

Rich facial mousse Indy beauty

Rich Facial Mousse, Indy Beauty

Facial Mask, Indy Beauty

Facial Mask, Indy Beauty

Night cream Indy Beauty

Night cream, Indy Beauty

L'Occitane hand cream Cherry blossom tube

Cherry blossom hand cream, L'occitane

Lash sensational serum maybelline

Lash sensational boosting serum, Maybelline


Hand Cream Unicorn Edition, Mercy Handy


Touche Éclat Blur Primer Orange, Yves Saint Laurent


Touche Éclat Blur Primer Fuschia, Yves Saint Laurent