Tax Statement of Responsibility

Albéa  (the “Company”) believes that a responsible tax approach is an integral aspect of sustainable business.  The CFO and his/her team are tasked with managing and controlling the tax function and related risks. The team possesses sufficient insights into the business and tax rules to adequately assess and manage any such risks and employs outside specialists to supplement its own personnel as needed.

The Company is committed to acting in accordance with applicable tax laws and regulations and to filing tax returns and any necessary tax disclosures in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and other authoritative guidance.

The Company’s approach is to conduct tax planning supported by applicable law, rules and regulations, guidance from the government authorities, and/or judicial or other governmental decisions. The Company may claim properly available incentives, allowances, credits, exemptions, or other reliefs granted by governments where it is beneficial to do so.

The Company attempts to minimize its total tax liability within the intended framework of any legislative relief but refrains from taking aggressive stances in its interpretation of the applicable relief.

The Company seeks to have an open and constructive dialogue with the tax authorities in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Compliance to Law 231 (Italy) 

Albea cosmetics italy modello 231.pdf

Albea cosmetics italy statuto odv.pdf