Suppliers Contact

Due to our ongoing expansion and focus on continuous improvement, Albéa welcomes interest from world-class potential suppliers who are able to provide us with materials and services in line with the needs of our businesses and customers.

Albéa manages supplier registration via a portal provided by Ariba, a global leader in colaborative e-commerce. The use of these services is free of charge to suppliers and does not require any technical configuration.

To register your interest in doing business with Albéa as a supplier, follow this 3 step process:

  1. Log into the Ariba Supplier Self-Registration website 
  2. Set up a “Public Profile”: answer to Ariba general questions such as geographical scope and commodities supplied (requires approximately 20 minutes).
  3. Answer the Albéa Supplier Profile Questionnaire (requires approximately 20 minutes).

The Albéa Supplier Profile Questionnaire is grouped into 7 sections:

  • Supplier General Information
  • Financial Information
  • Quality Management
  • Logistic & Supply Chain
  • Environment Health and Safety
  • Sustainability and Ethics
  • R&D and Continuous Improvement

Once the Public Profile questions and Albéa Supplier Profile questions are completed, you can submit your profile to Albéa.

The questionnaires will be reviewed by our procurement organization which may decide to contact you to resolve any open questions or will approve the organization as potential supplier. Once approved, the procurement teams will be able to contact the suppliers and potentially invite them to future sourcing events.