Albéa Innovations

DN Airless 35

The new identity for formula protection.

Albéa is introducing new designs for its Néa Airless Dispenser, a highly customizable, complete solution pack that protects advanced and natural formulas for facial skin care, make-up and hair care applications.

Suitable for highly active & organic formulas, D.N.Airless 35 offers better formula protection with an airless bottle system that prevents contact with air and UV rays, enabling a longer shelf life for your product. The NEA technology platform used for D.N.Airless with a new generation neutral engine makes sure there is no contact with metal components. The extra protection comes from a self-sealing insert that preserves and dispenses the formula better.

Convenient and comfortable to use, D.N.Airless enables a 360° application with an airtight system, smooth actuation of even the most viscous formulas and a clean exit point. In addition to the airless system, the self-sealing insert prevents drying and waste.

D.N.Airless 35 is a highly customizable pack with specific designs available for each component—collar, cap and actuator. We also offer a wide range of decoration possibilities to suit your needs. This year Albéa is launching new exclusive designs for D.N.Airless 35, boosting your on-shelf differentiation and product personality with a choice of 3 new standard collars:

  • Generation, our design’s classic collar.
  • Sensation, feel the sensation of this attractive  design.
  • Emotion, give in to the emotion of feminine curves.

In addition, we offer 3 standard models of actuators according to your product and brand image: Classical, Modern and Soprano. These actuators are available for Sensation and Emotion collars. Reinventing actuation as a gentle gesture of the Beauty Routine, Albéa ensures smooth actuation and perfect restitution of your formula.


      Favoring flexible integration into your industrial process, D.N.Airless features easy top atmospheric or airless filling in 35mm, high capacity and volume for this integrated and complete pack, a large standard range (30ml, 40ml, 50ml) and one-step assembly with delivery in two pieces (head+bottle).

    The D.N.Airless range is produced in Albéa’s Le Tréport plant (France), the hub of excellence for pumps, as well as the Lacrost plant (France), which has great expertise in airless system manufacturing.

     With the new D.N.Airless 35, Albéa perfectly combines advanced technology, formula protection, customizable designs and a flexible industrial process!