Our Expertise

Technical know-how

100% integrated

With more than 50 years’ experience in packaging, Albéa invests continuously in new equipment, buildings, operating processes and training to leverage our technical know-how and our integrated conversion, decoration, assembly, metallization and molding capabilities. 


Innovation & Development

  • 200 people

    working in Innovation & Development

  • in Top 50 patent filers in France

    INPI 2015


We manufacture or source innovative items that offer improved ergonomics, visual standout, new gestures, affordable prices, trendy looks and environment-friendliness.


We invent new technologies and new processes to make packaging stand out and be more efficient, more competitive and environmentally-friendlier.


We turn the packaging that our customers have imagined into reality, overcoming technical challenges and designing to cost.

Operational excellence

At Albéa, 

We provide world-class operating processes and common Key Performance Indicators that combine management systems, mindsets and behavior, rolled out across our international footprint and supported by best practices sharing and global expert networks.


We value human life above all else. That’s why our #1 priority is to identify and eliminate health and safety risks in the workplace. Achieving zero work-related incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses is possible. We work with all our teams on all our sites to reach this goal and much more through training, processes, audits, near-miss monitoring. 



At Albéa, customers come first. That’s why we strive not only to meet specifications and expectations but to achieve Zero complaints and blocked batches – in every facility across the world.  In a market driven by product launches, we focus on first deliveries and are rolling out zero-defect detection and Statistical Process Control.


Supply Chain

In our fast-moving markets, customers need flexibility and supply chain performance as much as they need competitiveness and quality. Responding to ever-changing consumer demand  is today’s challenge – that’s why we focus on service and agility and are rolling out Sales & Operations Planning across all our facilities. 


Integrated services

Complex project management

Albéa’s One-Stop-Shop capabilities support fast time-to-market and easy project management with a single point of contact for cross-technology developments, complex logistics and multiple product expertise.


Intellectual  Property

With more than 1,500 active patents, Albéa boasts an integrated Intellectual Property (IP) department. We are among the Top 50 patent fillers in France and strive to defend our innovations as well as support our customers throughout their new product developments.


Regulatory Affairs

Albéa’s Regulatory Affairs department works with suppliers and facilities to ensure reliable, up-to-date monitoring of international regulatory compliance protocols as well as the control of substances in materials and manufacturing processes. Albéa is an active member of the European working group on cosmetic packaging regulation. 

Full service

We provide our customers with unique development and marketing capabilities; a broad range of innovative packaging and applicators; a network of experienced formulators; Quality controls throughout the supply chain; as well as optimal, end-to-end supply chain management. 

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