Albéa Innovations

Maestro lipstick

the latest Albéa non-guided lipstick mechanism

Albéa, the leading global lipstick manufacturer, introduces Maestro - a high-technology, non-guided lipstick mechanism for beauty addicts.

Lipstick is the most-purchased makeup item in the world and women’s favorite product for their daily routine. At Albéa, as beauty expert, we innovate relentlessly to offer the brands we serve - and the consumers they serve - new lipstick functionalities, new gestures, creativity as well sustainability.

Albéa is therefore proud to introduce Maestro, a non-guided Ø12.7mm lipstick mechanism featuring a patented “flex tab technology” for a controlled and constant swivel torque. This system offers a flowing gesture, comfort of use and a luxury feel. The mechanism also features a 1-turn full opening  system, allowing faster and easier formula filling process.

In line with our eco-design  commitment,  this lipstick mechanism was designed POM-free to comply with REACH regulation. There is also no PP material in the pack so as to be compatible with a wide choice of formulas and in particular those with  isododecane and isohexadecane. 

Maestro comes with Albéa’s standard LS164 lipstick packaging but can be fitted to any custom pack. It is produced and assembled in France (Plouhinec facility).

Maestro belongs to Lipstick & Co, Albéa’s expertise platform for lipsticks, lip balms, pens and face sticks. Lipstick & Co offers our customers  technical expertise, industrial know-how and creativity for innovative stock items as well as custom packs. Our industrial facilities across the world  ensure rapid and reliable new products developments and can support all global launches.