Albéa Innovations

Magic lash mascara

sensational results for all types of lashes


Albéa launches Magic Lash, its  innovative mascara plastic brushes series for all types of lashes especially Asian !

Imagine magic mascara brushes that will get volume out of every type of lashes,  Albéa did it with Magic Lash mascara series. Whatever the lashes, especially short and thin, these new plastic  brushes offer  amazing make-up results  with a sensory experience to all consumers.

This new series features two new plastic brushes with unique eye-catching shapes : Astonishing brush and Mini Cashmere brush.


ASTONISHING Brush - Reinvent your lashes with the power of an instant volumizer.

The brush’s defining feature is the multiple waves of bristles that create large formula reservoirs to deliver instant extra volume. This convenient thin brush reaches every type of lashes and coats them perfectly from base to tip. The special bristles on the top define and comb the shortest lashes in the corner of the eyes.


MINI CASHMERE Brush – Lift your lashes in a whirlwind of softness.

This extremely soft brush and its multiple rows of bristles delivers exceptional definition and a superb fan effect. Directly inspired by Albéa’ Cashmere brush, this easy-to-use mini-brush guarantees exceptionally comfortable application. Its specific design reaches the corners of the eyes and works with all types of lashes, even the small, straight and stiff.

These innovative brushes have been developed through the Albéa Tips Studio. This unique program brings together all the group’s expertise and experience in applicators, from fiber and plastic mascara brushes to lipgloss, eyeliner and other beauty tips. It offers global opportunities for creating, developing and producing applicators  for all- new beauty gestures and make-up effects.

For every make-up effect, there is an Albéa applicator !