Albéa Innovations


Spray technology platform for fragrances and more

 Albéa, master in the Art of Spray, introduces Panache, a new spray experience that delivers a new level of luxury for makers of prestige perfumes, as well as other personal care products. A completely new dimension in spray -- the result of five years of research.

Panache technology delivers a continuous, and exceptionally airy, light and dry spray.   This is the result of five years of intensive research into the art of spray. It enables Albéa to successfully control the size and dispersion of formula particles. Thus the Panache experience communicates purity, opulence and sensuality to the consumer.


Compared to actual regular sprays, the Panache fragrance experience is totally different: droplet average size:  33 % lighter, up to 40 % drier, 6 times longer-lasting and twice as deep. 

Designed to target different markets, Panache spray can handle alcohol, water and oil-based formulations, with long smooth actuation and a whisper-quiet sound that exudes quality and captivates consumers.  Panache is also kind to the earth.  Propellant free, it is a sustainable alternative to aerosols.

For customers, Panache delivers the brand-building appeal that reaffirms Albéa’s value proposition as global, single-source provider committed to the design and development of breakthrough dispensing technologies.

Iconic, prestige fragrances will benefit from the XD11 based Panache experience, which retains the dosage, diameters and attachment systems of the standard XD11 platform of technology.  For deodorants, hair care and atomizers, Panache incorporates the SP22 new generation engine, renowned for its powerful and flexible emulsion handling.


“Panache creates a really new gesture for Fragrance: the sensation is like walking through a gentle, deep and long-lasting cloud of fragrance that captivates the senses. It’s an unrivalled experience for consumers.” said Etienne Brière, Product Manager – Fragrance, Albéa. 

Added Carole Grassi, Category Manager – Dispensing systems, for Albéa  “Our success is based on our research on consumers’ needs and customers’ expectations. Panache reflects those efforts as it is simply the state-of-the-art when it comes to spray dispensing.”

”Further, it demonstrates Rexam’s ability to create advanced solutions unheard of only a few years ago,” she said.  “As a result, we can work with customers to develop packaging solutions that creates product excitement and reinforces brand identities.”