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Sustainable development Albea 2018

2019 Sustainable Development report


Group news

Albéa shares its 2019 Sustainable Development report


Discover our main environmental and social achievements, and our innovations to support Circular Beauty! 


The report also discloses the Group 2020-2025 CSR strategy which is an essential step towards its long-term purpose: Protecting Beauty.


“At a time when we are experiencing an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis, our vision of a responsible business makes more sense than ever. Indeed, this crisis is revealing what matters most: trust, partnership, team spirit and sustainable development. Consumers, including “conscious consumers”, brands, packaging manufacturers, formulators and transporters... we are all customers and suppliers to each other. Together, we form the same value chain. This is why we must protect Beauty.”


François Luscan
President & CEO, Albéa

Download the report!

Disruptive sustainable beauty packaging innovations, Gold EcoVadis rating, focus on teams training, and an extensive collaboration with our ecosystem of stakeholders, in 2019 Albéa has placed its environmental and social responsibility at the heart of its business model … and it is only the beginning! 

Discover our CSR strategy and objectives for 2025 to support our long-term purpose: Protecting beauty.