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Tube of the Year 2021


Group news


With a 2021 edition focused on sustainable concepts, the Tube of the Year competition organized by from renowned organization European Tube Manufacturer Association (etma) rewarded Albéa’s work in the area of responsible packaging. 


Albéa’s tube packaging for Vichy Capital Soleil Solar Eco Designed Milk was selected by the jury in the “Sustainability Tubes” category, underlining “Besides its sustainability, the tube also impresses with its interesting haptics combined with a fascinating visual appearance.”
This eco-designed tube, present in Vichy’s portfolio as well as other iconic brands from the L’Oréal Group, illustrates how collaboration between industry experts is essential to develop breakthrough innovations. The carboard tube reduces the use of plastic by 45%, replacing it with FSC-certified cardboard. Albéa and L’Oréal share a consciousness of their responsibilities as major industrial actors. Both players are committed to the active promotion of a circular economy for the beauty industry. 


Albéa celebrates a second win in the “Plastic Tubes” category, a PCR-Encore tube made in Albéa Lodz, Poland. Etma pointed out

“It has a catchy design with a blue gradient over the entire tube surface which is achieved using 4-colour flexo and white screen printing that matches the blue flip-top closure superbly. Overall, the perfect combination of PCR material and the blue gradient conveys a powerful sustainability message.”

We are proud to turn the spotlight on collaboration with customer Aflofarm and its natural hair care rising star Artishoq created with celebrity Hair Artist Jaga Hupalo. 


These two awards go to our team members to reward their dedication to responsible packaging and precious collaborations with customers Vichy and Aflofarm.


Etma’s Secretary General Gregor Spengler said he was more than satisfied with this year’s competition, adding

“Despite the difficult economic environment during the pandemic, the innovative strength and creativity of our member companies has continued unabated. This boosts the tube’s position as the packaging material of the future. Such investments in new packaging solutions will ultimately pay off in the form of increased customer and consumer sentiment and the associated market success. I am therefore looking forward with confidence to the further development of the European tube industry.”