duo stick

Duo Stick

Duo Stick, a two-in-one modular stick to customize your make-up.


Pack lotion Mini Néa

Mini Nea Lotion pack

A travel size airless or atmospheric complete pack in diameter 17 mm

Pompe spray SP22 Panache Pulse

SP22 Panache Pulse pump

A spray pump for a perfect mist.

mini_dome_tube albea

Mini Dome Tube

Small sized tube with a dome shaped applicator for local and precise application. The ribbed cap makes opening the tube hassle-free.

Ovation oval tube albea

Oval shape laminate tubes: Ovation

Ovation combines our laminate technology with an elegant elliptical shape. Ovation tubes provides +10% marketing surface for a great visual impact online and offline.

air backless tube albea

Airbackless Softcare cannula Tube

This nozzle tube is fitted with an airbackless insert which prevents air from re-entering the tube. The tip of the applicator is very soft suited for direct application.

Flower Pot cap for laminate tubes

This widely known cap is ideal for trendy vintage look and it is a classic for oral care market. It is also known as FEZ cap for its resemblance to the famous hats!

Classic shape flip top caps for tubes screw on

This convenient cap is ideal for all your projects of tubes. This screw flip-top cap allows to use a peel seal. The edges communicate a robust feeling and make the tubes very stable while standing...

round bottle mascara

Round mascara bottles from 2 to 4ml

Selection of our mascara bottles from 2 to 4ml. Find the one that best fits your needs !


Special shapes mascara bottles

Here is our selection of all our special shapes mascara bottles. Find the one that best fits your needs !


Special shape eyeliner bottles

Here is the selection of our special shape eyeliner bottles. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!