Sydney - fiber eyeliner applicator

Fiber eyeliner applicator for a precise and controlled application

Madison - fiber eyeliner applicator

For a subtle defined line associated to a precise and controlled application

calligraphy_-_felt_eyeliner_applicator albea

Calligraphy - fiber eyeliner applicator

In one gesture, eyes are enhanced

street_art-_felt_eyeliner_applicator albea

Street Art - fiber eyeliner applicator

Precise and soft application for a perfect makeup effect


Dot Liner - felt eyeliner applicator

An eye-catching look for a great make up effect and a stunning precision


Duoliner - felt eyeliner applicator

Two in one effect with duo eyeliner applicator to create numerous looks


Nano Disco - plastic eyebrow brush

Fast-coating, soft oval brush for disciplined and precise eyebrows


Jealousy - fiber eyebrow brush

This brush lengthens, thickens, volumizes, and separates your eyebrows very naturally thanks to this precise brush shape.


Intensify - fiber eyebrow brush

A thin brush for shaping brows precisely Sculpting and definition makeup effect


Prettify - fiber eyebrow brush

Want a fierce brow look ? This brush will provide you intense brows


Mood - fiber eyebrow brush

A triangle-shaped brush for intense brows and a ravishing look


Dramatic - fiber eyebrow brush

Achieve a dramatic brow look with such a precise brush!