Dome - lipgloss applicator

Dome lipgloss applicator delivers extreme precision for perfectly defined and shaped lips.

Albéa Neopro Feather lipgloss

Feather - lipgloss applicator

With its original shape, Feather lipgloss applicator fits perfectly with the shape of the lips.


Lux Spatula - lipgloss applicator

Lux Spatula lipgloss applicator has a short spatula for a very precise application. Quick spreading of the formula. Original design.


Neopro Lux Color - lipgloss applicator

Neopro Lux Color lipgloss applicator has a flat and slim spatula for an easy application of formula. Grooves to hold and help apply the color. Ergonomicdesign. Straight and slim shape for easy use...


Neopro Tulip - lipgloss applicator

Neopro Tulip lipgloss applicator is thin and extremely pleasing to the touch spatula. Large, short, rounded design for quick spreading. Soft, very thin plastic for perfect contouring and light...


Neopro Up&Down - lipgloss applicator

Neopro Up&Down lipgloss applicator has a C-shape spatula with an eye-catching look for professional use. Concave shape to follow the lower lip and back of the spatula to apply formula on the...


Rose - lipgloss applicator

Smooth applicator with a perfect shape, Rose lipgloss applicator perfectly fits the shape of the lips.